Frozen: Into the Wonderful World of Disney

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Frozen keeps Disney magic alive, and its most defining moment is when a major twist is put on the most central recurring topic that has been a trademark feature of Disney films for decades. This funny and heartwarming tale is seemingly straightforward until Disney throws in twists and turns and shows us that they can, and will, continue to surprise us. Yes, we can continue to trust Disney to never bring us on the same adventure twice. The relationship between the two main characters is well developed, and the sacrifices they make will tug at your heartstrings. The snowman Olaf is an adorable companion that provides an endless stream of comedy throughout the film.

The soundtrack differed slightly in genre and style from the classic songs of Disney that we effortlessly remember from our childhood. Unlike the tunes from the Disney Renaissance, the music is, for some reason, not as memorable the first time one watches the film. But that doesn’t mean that the soundtrack is not catchy and beautifully composed; it is. The catchiness of the songs does become more apparent after listening to the soundtrack for a second time. The emotional weight of the songs is, of course, never lacking and plays an integral part in the story. The film’s cast boasts several renowned Broadway actors who lend their melodic voices to the lead characters, and Kristen Bell sings beautifully as well.

In short, Frozen is an entertaining film that families should catch this holiday.

Rating: 4.0/5 (TALK-o-meter: “That was awesome!”)


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