Game of Thrones, ‘Mockingbird’: They killed another one

Game of Thrones, 'Mockingbird': They killed another one!
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This week in Westeros…

They’ve killed another one. Well, technically, they kill plenty in every episode, but Mockingbird tossed another significant character out of the franchise, pun intended.

SPOILER MARK: Spoilers discussed beyond this point.


Let’s get straight to the point.

In Episode 7, the real saucy action takes place at The Vale.

Sansa Stark, in an almost Narnia-like scene, builds a mini Winterfell in the snow. Enter mini Lord of the Vale Robin Arryn, who is basically an equally sick (in different and similar ways) version of Joffrey (We still don’t miss you. We miss hating you.). Robin throws a major tantrum, starts crying and running to mummy Lysa, while her forever faithful (to the wrong sister) lover Petyr Baelish has a “moment” with Sansa.

He looks into Sansa’s eyes in an almost pedo way, which, in Lannister-run land of incest, is not as cringe-worthy. What he then says roughly translates into the following:

“I still love your mom. You should have been my daughter, not Sean Bean’s. But hey, you’re hotter than your mom, so what the heck.”

Then he kisses her.

And Lysa Arryn, the overly-possessive wife who gives all overly-possessive wives/girlfriends a run for their money, is conveniently there to see it.

Obviously, Lysa’s hubby-slash-dead sister’s admirer is more important to her than her own niece, so Lysa confronts Sansa, verbally then physically, in the room with the moon door. It’s not a exactly a cat fight, but there is some hair-grabbing.

Ever so sly Baelish comes to the rescue. He reassures Lysa that he’s only ever loved one woman.

She smiles.

He clarifies, “Your sister.”

Cue record scratch sound effect. Burn!

Just as Lysa’s eyes widen in horror, Petyr shoves her down the moon door, and bye bye, Lysa!


I live in a rather unfortunate time zone. Game of Thrones airs around the time I’m at work on a Monday morning, which means that I can only return to Westeros on Monday night. Until then, my social media news feeds are flooded with GoT spoilers. Very quickly, I learnt that someone would die in Mockingbird. It was inevitable. I just didn’t know who would die, and how.

When Sansa walked into the room with the moon door and Lysa Stark was waiting there, possessive and crazy as always, I knew what was coming. I was yelling at the television for Sansa to get out. You can imagine my joy when it wasn’t Sansa.

I’m not a fan of her character (at one point she was a Joffrey-lovin’ Queen wannabe. ‘Nuff said.), but enough Starks have died. I’m still traumatised from the Red Wedding. Let this one go.

And George R. R. Martin did. For this episode.

For those who haven’t read the books, one never knows who’s going and who’s staying, and more importantly, when it’ll happen.

As for Petyr Baelish, he got what he wanted. Let’s see what he does next.

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