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For a good half an hour on “Hardhome”, Game of Thrones fans enjoyed the company of a brand new, likeable character in the form of the lady-warrior named Karsi.

As she does not appear in the books, not much is known about the Wildling besides her courage and her bad-ass Ygritte vibe. However, we do know more about the actress who played her.

And you are certainly not alone if you think that Birgitte (“Beer-gui-duh”) Hjort Sorensen is a familiar face.

1. She is Danish

Like fellow Game of Thrones cast member Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister), Sorensen hails from the enchanting Scandinavian country of Denmark. In fact, Sorensen knew Coster-Waldau before she joined the GoT cast; she told the New York Times that it was through the Kingslayer that she learnt about how popular the series was.

2. She was in Pitch Perfect 2

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For most young audiences, this is probably why Sorensen looked so familiar.

In the recently released Pitch Perfect sequel, Sorensen played Kommissar, the tall and blonde co-leader of German powerhouse ‘Das Sound Machine’. Yes, she was the one who made Anna Kendrick’s character very sexually confused.

3. She played Roxie Hart in Chicago

Long before she displayed her vocal prowess on Pitch Perfect, Sorensen was busy singing “Roxie” and other jazz numbers in the London production of Chicago.

4. Shakespeare with Loki

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Sorensen with Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus
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Another notable stage credit includes Sorensen’s appearance in the 2011 Donmar Warehouse production of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. As Virgilia, Sorensen was the wife of the titular character, who was played by none other than Tom Hiddleston (known to Marvel fans as Loki).

5. She gained international fame for Borgen

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As we know by now, Sorensen has a knack for playing bad-ass female characters. It is thus fitting that she became well-known to international audiences for playing one such character; ambitious and driven news reporter Katrine Fonsmark on Borgen. The popular Danish political series has aired on British television.

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