‘Magic Mike XXL’ is slow, but worth the wait

'Magic Mike XXL' is slow, but worth the wait
Image source: inSing.com

Image source: inSing.com

Written by Deborah Wee for inSing.com.

Who would have thought three years ago that a movie about male strippers – and one relying heavily on Channing Tatum’s raw magnetism – could be a critical, box office success?

The “male entertainers” known as the Kings of Tampa were a sensation in 2012, and so the natural course of action would be to ramp up on that US$167 million dollar success and build one of the biggest stripteases we will ever see.

No surprises, then, that when it comes to the action on stage, this sequel delivers on its “XXL” promise. Mostly.

Too bad it wastes too much time on a testosterone-filled road trip that, let’s be real, none of the screaming fans are going to be flinging wads of cash at.

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inSing rating: 3/5 stars
Talkiewood rating: 2.5/5 stars (TALK-o-meter: “Meh… not horrible, but not good.”)
talkiewood stars 2.5bt


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