‘Fantastic Four’ is a very messy misfire

Image source: inSing.com
Image source: inSing.com

Image source: inSing.com

Written by Deborah Wee for inSing.com.

When you have at least four comic book super-humans – let us reiterate; four – and the movie still feels nothing like a superhero flick, then something is incredibly wrong.

In fact, it would not be too inaccurate to say that this 2015 reboot of ‘Fantastic Four’ features Marvel superheroes as you have never seen them before; that is, at their absolute worst.

Yes, this is the kind of movie that makes hated adaptations like ‘Daredevil’ (2003) look good and ‘Elektra’ (2005) seem bearable.

Because ‘Fantastic Four’ is so desperately lacking in all aspects that not only is it pointless, it is also simply dull.

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inSing rating: 1/5
Talkiewood rating: 1.0/5 (TALK-o-meter: “They actually put this on the big screen?”)
talkiewood stars 1bt

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