‘Spectre’ has style but little substance

Image source: inSing
Image source: inSing

Image source: inSing

Written by Deborah Wee for inSing.

Let us get one thing straight; ‘Spectre’ is beautiful.

It is very easy on the eyes, and certainly pleasing to look at for the entirety of its 148-minute run. But so were the less celebrated, gorgeous Bond girls who did not have much substance to them.

To be fair, the 24th James Bond film is far from a bad movie. With Sam Mendes at the helm once again, it is unsurprisingly a solid effort, albeit one that never rises above what it offers at face value.

With an extremely generous US$300 million (S$421 million) budget and a very illustrious roster, ‘Spectre’ is arguably the most ambitious Bond film yet. And that is probably why it leaves an aftertaste of dissatisfaction despite its rich entertainment and adrenaline value.


inSing rating: 3/5
Talkiewood rating: 3.0/5 (TALK-o-meter: “Okay, I guess? Could be better.”)
talkiewood stars 3bt

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