‘The Peanuts Movie’: Review

'The Peanuts Movie': Review
Image source: inSing

Image source: inSing

Written by Deborah Wee for inSing.

Christmas has come early for those who grew up with the companionship of Charlie Brown and his iconic beagle, Snoopy.

The famous ‘Peanuts’ franchise by Charles M. Schulz returns to the big screen as a feature length film for the first time in 35 years, in time to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the comic strip’s publication.

No doubt there will be as much relief as there is joy that ‘The Peanuts Movie’ faithfully retains many features of its source material, delivering a large dose of nostalgia and familiarity to fans of the franchise.

However, there is a catch to this faithfulness; the simplicity of the plot does not translate well on-screen. In spite of its feel-good elements, ‘Peanuts’ runs on very thin and light material, barely able to fill up its mere 93-minute run and making it almost tedious to sit through.


inSing rating: 3/5 stars
Talkiewood rating: 3.0/5 (TALK-o-meter: “Okay, I guess? Could be better.”)

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